Broadview Mortgage

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Broadview Mortgage
1826 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA  93101

Phone: (805)563-1100
FAX: (805)563-1107

Business Type: Financial, Investments, Insurance

Member: J Sumika Sim

Business Description

Broadview Mortgage Corporation has been serving California since 1988 by providing residential mortgages. We are a mortgage banker and direct lender that believes in providing in-depth loan consulting to our customers in a personalized and honest manner.

Consumers have a difficult time finding someone who will speak plainly and truthfully to them about loan programs and their options. For prospective homebuyers, one of the most important steps of the loan process is getting clear and honest information that they understand.

The Broadview Mortgage Santa Barbara Team brings more than 16 years of experience and industry knowledge to help our clients sort through the numerous financing options available. We believe in listening to you and helping you pick the loan that best fits your situation. We provide you with clear, honest, and understandable information so you can be assured you’re making an educated decision. Ultimately, you choose the loan that fits your needs best.

We advise our clients on the best way to manage mortgage debt, so you can become financially independent sooner rather than later. By better understanding and managing mortgage debt, you will be able to achieve a more stable financial future.

Due to our years of experience in the mortgage industry we understand the multitude of mortgage products available and will work with you to find the solution that is best tailored to your specific financial needs.


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