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911 Wine Company
1118 Deer Trail Ln
Solvang, CA  93463

Phone: (844)491-1946

Business Type: Caterers

Member: Kasia Mercer

Business Description

911 Wine Company is a wine and beer pouring service that runs out of a 1967 Mack C95 Fire Engine. We are fully mobile and will come to you! We have a 4 beer tap system that is complete with chest freezers to keep your beer cold and a full glycol system that ensures every beer will taste as cold as it would directly out of the frrezer! In addition to our beer taps, we also have 2 wine taps, one for white wine and one for red as well as 2 wine fridges that give you the option on how you want your beverages served! We can also serve soda out of our truck because we know that sometimes you want to skip the alcohol or may want our truck at your child's next birthday party! Let us come serve at your next wedding, anniversary party, birthday party, fundraiser or any other event where you want to stand out! Cheers! 


Our Story:

The Mack C95FD Triple Combination Pumper, serial #1595, was built by Mack in June 1967 in Allentown, Pa. It was in service with the Lawrence-Cedarhurst Fire Department, Long Island, New York, from September 28, 1967, until retirement in 1995, with 38,000 original miles. We have been told that the truck was reportedly the first diesel-powered fire apparatus on Long Island. After an extensive restoration process that lasted from 1997 until 2000, the truck was fully restored. The engine began a new life and for a year became a regular feature at fundraisers, charity events, toy runs, and parades throughout the Los Angeles area. Following the trajedy of 9/11 and keeping in mind the truck's New York origin, the truck was used in events such as memorials and the Pasadena leg of the "Thank You America Tour" which was started by five FDNY firefighters. In 2002 the engine was part of a two-day event called the "Tournament of Roses Parade FanFest," which paid respects to the fallen firefighters of New York City. The truck was then sold and remained in Hollywood for several years. We were lucky enough to purchase it is 2015 and with a little hard work, the addition of 4 beer taps, 2 wine taps, and 2 wine fridges we are ready "to serve!" We are extremely lucky to get to share the truck with all that we come across and live by our motto: "Dispatch doesn't care if you are having fun!" 


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