Member Details

Terrain Consulting, Inc.
3 West Carrillo Street, Suite 211
Santa Barbara, CA  93101

Phone: (805)560-7397
FAX: (805)560-7398

Business Type: Marketing, Advertising, P/R

Member: Brian Robinson

Business Description


Founded in 2004, Terrain Consulting is a government and public affairs firm located in Santa Barbara, California.  Our principals have been developing and implementing strategies to gain public understanding and support in the Santa Barbara region and elsewhere for years.  Specifically, we provide: 

  • Extensive political and government relations experience
  • Expertise in public affairs, public relations and community outreach
  • Media management services
  • A core service focus in land use entitlements, policy and politics


Terrain focuses on “win-win” outcomes that benefit both client and community.  We believe that economic and environmental values go hand in hand, resulting in an improved quality of life.  Our diverse assemblage of clients includes business interests, government agencies and non-profit organizations. 



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