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DRW Global is dedicated to bringing Covid 19 related solutions to the central coast tri-county area.  For over a year we have focussed on bringing Covid-19 rapid tests, PCR Tests and most recently the AcitvePure Air & Surface Pro sanitizing unit.  NASA developed this technology to keep the International space station air pure and healthy without filters or chemicals. It uses proprietary technology that uses naturally occuring hydrogen molecules and oxygen to permeate the air and all surfaces in a 3000 square foot space and nutralize viruses, mold, bacteria and fungi on contact and kill 99.96% in about 3 minutes.  This technology keeps the air and surfaces free of harmful viruses such as Covid-19, Influenze, and many more. This is a great addition to other cleaning and sanitizing efforts you ar emaking to keep you, your family, staff and customers safe.

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